Draco Smart Battery

1. UVify Draco Smart Battery Functions

  1. Battery Level Display: The four Blue LEDs indicate the current battery level.
  2. Auto-Discharging: To prevent swelling, smart battery automatically discharges to below 65% of the total power when it is in "Sleep mode".
  3. Sleep Mode: The battery will cut off the power supply and enter sleep mode after 20 minutes of inactivity to save power.
  4. Balanced Charging: Automatically balances the voltage of each battery cell when charging.
  5. Overcharge Protection: Charging automatically stops when the battery is fully charged.
  6. Over-Temperature in Charging Protection: The battery will stop charging when temperature is over 60 ℃ (140°F).
  7. Over Discharge Protection: To prevent over discharge damage, discharging automatically stops when one of cell voltage reaches critical voltage. Charging will recover the battery from over discharge protection status.
  8. Short Circuit Protection: The battery automatically cuts the power when a short circuit is detected.
  9. Over Charge Current Protection: The battery stops charging when a high charging current (more than 3.75A) is detected.
  10. Communication: The battery information is transmitted to Draco and the battery firmware can be updated.

2. Power On / Off

Press once and hold the power button for two seconds to power on and power off the battery.


3. Checking Battery Level


4. Charging Battery


5. Battery Error Status Display

1 Led Cycle : Over Temperature During Charge Protection Detected.
2 Led Cycle : Cell Under Voltage Protection Detected.
3 Led Cycle : Over Current During Charge Protection Detected.
4 Led Cycle : Short-circuit During Discharge Protection Detected.

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