Fitting Propellers


In this guide we will cover the fitting of Propellers to Draco. Included with Draco you should have received the following components

4 x Propellers for Draco
1 x Prop tool
1 x Motor Tool

If you have the above to hand, we can proceed with the installation of the Propellers. It's important to note that Draco comes fitted with 2 x CW (Clockwise) and 2 x CCW (Counter-Clockwise Motors). You can tell each by the corresponding motor label and the color of the bolt which secures the Propeller in place. In addition to this, two of the propellers will be marked with an R.


Step 1.

To ensure propellers go on in correct order, put each corresponding propeller alongside it's matching arm. This will ensure they go on first time without a need for correction.


Step 2.


Remove the silver and black bolts from the arms and place the correct orientation props on their corresponding arms.

Remove Securing bolt from Motor arm as shown below. Place the propeller onto the motor shaft. Using the Motor tool, hold the motor in place whilst using the prop tool to tighten the bolt (Ensure you are tightening the correct way depending on CW or CCW)

Repeat the process for all 4 motors, ensuring propellers are in the correct rotation and match for specific arms. Failure to do so could result in damage to the craft.


Step 3.

Once you have securely tightened all 4 propellers down, its a good idea to test Draco in a controller environment before attempting full flights. Find an area with lots of space and no obstacles to test Draco.


Step 4.

Place Draco level on the floor around 1-2 meters away from you for safety reasons. Ensure your transmitter is powered on, before powering on Draco with a short/long press. You will hear several beeps from Draco as it performs self-tests.


Step 5.

After 30 seconds, move the left stick (yaw) to the bottom right and the motors will arm. It is a good idea to test that draco performs as expected on the ground before we take to the skies. Without applying power, gently move the right stick left,right, up and down. If everything is working as expected, draco should begin to angle itself in the direction of stick travel whilst remaining on the floor.


Step 6.

If Draco behaved as expected in Step 5, gently apply throttle (Left stick up) to around 20%. Draco should now lift off from the ground. Keep draco 2-3ft above ground and facing away from you, putting smooth and slight movements into the sticks to ensure Draco is responding as expected.

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