Storing Draco Batteries

Draco ships with a Smart battery, which will assist you in ensuring you get the maximum lifespan from the battery unit itself. Due to the way the batteries work, if you will not be using Draco for a number of days then it is best practice to keep the batteries in “Storage mode”.


Discharging after lack of use

If Draco batteries are fully charged but are not used for 3 days, Draco batteries automatically enter a discharge state to enter them into storage mode. This prolongs the life of the battery and will reduce it down to 1-2 bars as per the battery charge indicator.


Charging batteries for storing

If you are not going to be using Draco for number of weeks, it is a good idea to ensure the batteries are in storage mode. Storage mode ensures that some residual charge remains in the batteries, but not a full charge. Once you have flown Draco, we recommend you charge the batteries until you see 2 of the 4 status lights lit up on the battery unit. At this point, remove the battery from the charger and store in a cool, dry place until you are ready to use it again. Once you are ready to fly Draco again, ensure the battery is fully charged before attempting flight.

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