Battery is hot to touch

If you've just completed a high speed flight or Drone race, you may notice that your Draco Battery is warm or in extreme cases, hot to the touch. Draco Batteries are Smart, so have built-in systems to help prevent undervolting or over discharging of your Draco Battery. However, the Batteries can still get warm.

If this is the case, ensure Draco is powered down and the Battery is removed from Draco as soon as possible. Inspect the battery for expansion or "puffing" to ensure there is no visible damage to the battery. Once this is done, please allow sufficient time for the battery to cool down before attempting to fly and or charge the battery again. This will ensure the battery lifespan is not affected.

If you noticed that the battery has expanded or there is damage to the battery itself, please see "Battery has expanded" guide or contact the UVify Support team by raising a ticket.

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